The first Price-Anchoring app for Shopify is here!

Make your most expensive products look like great deals. Convert your most hesitating visitors into paying customers. It’s the incredible sales-boosting hack that nobody told you about.

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An Incredible Surprise for your store

First Price Anchoring app

The same tactic used by mega successful marketers to make the most expensive products look like great deals.

Tremendously boosts your conversion rates

A creative way to overcome customer hesitation and convince them to take action.

Highly engaging and captures visitors attention

Have your visitors stay more in your shop and get them more interested in your products.

Incredible Price Suprise works amazingly

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Why Incredible Price Surprise is Sooooo Incredible?

First Price-Anchoring app

Incredible Price Surprise is the very first Shopify app that lets you use the secret powers of price anchoring: a proven tactic used by mega successful marketers to effectively make the most expensive products look like great deals.

Surprise your customers

Engage your visitors and capture their attention. Incredible Price Surprise will replace the price and ATC on your product page with a fun "Guess the Price" quiz, making your visitors super curious to take the quiz and discover the real price of your product and then surprise them that it is lower than all the options in the quiz.

Waaaay more sales

With Incredible Price Surprise App, your products will always appear to be a great deal that is hard to miss, no matter how expensive they are priced, which will incredibly boost your sales and skyrocket your conversion rate.

Stunning design

Incredible Price Surprise app is beautifully designed to fit perfectly within your product page. The colorful and the eye-catching elements that stand out: there is no way your visitors will miss it out, no matter what theme you are using, it will always catch your customer's attention!

Great mobile experience

Your shop MUST work great on mobile. Incredible Price Surprise app is designed and crafted to look great on all kind of mobile devices, even tablets. Give your visitors a smooth and pleasant user experience and incredibly boost your conversion rate.


Before vs After

  • Boring Look
  • Low Visitor Engagement
  • Low Conversion rate
  • Low Sales
  • Attractive Look
  • High Visitor Engagement
  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Waay more sales

All Features

Boosts conversion rate ⚡

Makes more sales 🤑

Engages visitors 🤩

Gets people interested in products 💖

Stunning design 🎨

Super easy to setup and use 😍

Great mobile experience 📱

FREE 24/7 support 👩‍💻

On demand deep customizations 🧰


How does Incredible Price Surprise app work?

Incredible Price Surprise app will hide the real price and the ATC button on your product page and replaces them with an eye catching “Guess the Price” quiz. This will make your visitors more curious and interested to know the price, and because Incredible Price Surprise quiz will always show higher prices than the real one, your customers will find that your product is a great deal. This will get you more sales and boosts your conversion rate.

I have multiple variants for my products, what should I do?

Incredible Price Surprise app will not hide your product’s options. Your visitors will have the ability to change all product options and select the quantity if possible. The prices on the price quiz will be updated immediately if they are less than the real price of the selected product variant.

Can I free-trial try Incredible Price Surprise app?

Incredible Prices Surprise offers 7 days free trial to get your hands on all its amazing features and superpowers.

How to activate Incredible Price Surprise for a product?

We created Incredible Price Surprise app with simplicity in mind. It is amazingly easy to setup and manage. When you setup the app for the first time, you can choose to activate the price quiz for all the products. If you choose not to, you go to the products section on the app dashboard and select the products on which you want to try the Price Quiz and activate them.

Can I customize colors and fonts?

Incredible Price Surprise comes with three beautiful color themes that you can choose from. We are working on deep colors and fonts customization features and they will be available very soon.

Will you release new features be released?

Our team is constantly working on polishing the existing features of Incredible Price Surprise App and adding new ones. A lot of exciting features and updates will soon be released to enhance the superpowers of Incredible Price Surprise App.

Need more assistance?

Our team is available 24/7 to assist you and answer all your questions and concerns, if you need any kind of help please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at [email protected]

Incredible Price Suprise app for Shopify

The first Price-Anchoring app for your Shopify Store

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